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Getting Started

Welcome to Stellar Art, the cutting-edge platform for AI-driven digital art creation and NFT management.
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    Create AI-Generated Artwork: With features like Text to Image, Image to Image, Text to Video, and Background Removal, you can create stunning visuals using our powerful Stability AI Stable Diffusion technology. Turn your ideas into captivating digital art with ease.
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    Mint & Manage NFTs: Convert your digital artwork into unique, blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using our "Turn Image into an NFT" feature. Explore our NFT Marketplace to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, connecting with fellow artists and collectors.
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    $STAI Token Utility: Our ERC-20 token, $STAI, offers multiple utilities, including generating images, purchasing NFT subscriptions, and paying platform fees. As a deflationary token, 5% of $STAI tokens are burnt with each transaction, promoting long-term value.
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    Exclusive NFT Collections: Don't miss out on our limited Stellar Artist NFT Collection, offering lifelong subscriptions to only the first 500 users. Enjoy uninterrupted access to premium features and join an exclusive community of creators and collectors.
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    Innovative Features: Leverage our advanced features like ControlNet, Inpainting, and the Prompt Marketplace to enhance your digital art creations, repair imperfections, and access top-quality prompts for AI-generated content.
To begin your creative journey, simply login using metamask wallet or any other alternative wallets, explore our features, and start generating unique AI-driven digital art.