Stellar Art
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🚩 Phase 01

  • Official launch of the Stellar Art platform
  • Release of Stellar Artist NFT collection (limited to 500 NFTs)
  • Implement and release the "Turn Text into an Image" feature
  • Raise Liquidity
  • Establish a vibrant community of early adopters on Discord and other social media platforms

⌛ Phase 02

Post Launch
  • Release of ERC-20 token "Stellar Token" (STAI) to facilitate platform transactions and governance
  • Develop and launch the "Turn Image into an Image" feature
  • Implementation of community-driven governance for feature and model suggestions using Stellar Token
  • Organize exclusive competitions and art showcases for Stellar Artist NFT holders
  • Collaborations with renowned artists and influencers to expand Stellar Art's reach
  • Cross-platform integration, allowing users to share and export creations easily

⌛ Phase 03

Global Expansion
  • Develop and launch the "Turn Text into a Video" feature, expanding the platform's creative capabilities
  • Introduce the "Turn Image into an NFT" feature, enabling seamless minting of AI-generated art
  • Regularly scheduled surprise drops, events, and platform updates for the community
  • Launch a mobile app for iOS and Android, providing on-the-go access to the Stellar Art platform
  • Exploration of AR and VR applications, bringing AI-generated creations to new mediums
  • Development of NFT Marketplace for only AI Generated NFTs artwork
Coming Soon