🏹ControlNet (Coming Soon)

ControlNet is a groundbreaking addition that leverages Stability AI's Stable Diffusion technology to create a model specifically designed for copying compositions and human poses. ControlNet enables users to generate artwork that accurately replicates the structure and dynamics of a given reference image, while still offering the flexibility to apply their own artistic styles and preferences.

With ControlNet, users can upload an image featuring a specific composition or human pose that they want to reproduce in their artwork. The AI model intelligently analyzes the reference image, recognizing key elements such as subject positioning, lighting, and perspective, and then generates a new image that mimics the original composition or pose. This process allows users to create artwork that is both visually consistent with the reference and uniquely tailored to their individual style.

ControlNet is particularly beneficial for artists, designers, and content creators who want to maintain a cohesive visual language across different projects or pieces of work. It simplifies the process of creating consistent and harmonious compositions, saving users time and effort while allowing them to focus on refining their artistic expression. By offering a powerful and user-friendly solution for replicating compositions and human poses, Stellar Art's ControlNet feature enables users to elevate their work and produce captivating visuals that resonate with their audiences.

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